Keratin treatment aftercare

After the keratin treatment you should change your hair care. If you will care of your hair in a right way, your keratin treatment will last longer.

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#1. Hair coloring

If you color your hair, you should do it just before the keratin treatment. It will make this procedure less harmful. But wait minimum 3 weeks before dying your hair again.

#2. Hair washing

After the treatment you shouldn’t wash your hair or even wet it. No swimming pool, sweating, or raining days. Yes, check the weather before Keratin treatment. Wait before treatment will be applied. Also, we recommend you to wash your hair less after the procedure, with natural hair oils you will strip out an effect of the Brazilian keratin treatment. But keep your hair out of the salt water and the water with high level of chlorine. Protect your hair from the UV-lightening too.

Also, you should find a special shampoo, which you will use after treatment. It should be free of sodium and sulfates. There are special shampoos for Keratin treated hair, we recommend you to choose one of those, thankfully for them results of your Keratin treatment will last longer.

#3. Deep conditioning

Sulfate free deep conditioning mask is an essential part of your hair care after treatment. Use it at least once a month. This procedure helps extend the duration of keratin treatment.

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#4. Hair styling

Try not to style it at first 3 days. Let it down and don’t make brains or ponytails. Another advice: use only soft bands after these 3 days left.

You can blow dry your hair after the first washing, but don’t use any styling products. They will make your hair look dirty and dull. Keep in mind, you don’t need hair mousses, hair sprays and gels after the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Your hair will be held by protein without any help.

Instead of styling just blow dry your hair and use a flat iron. After this procedure your hair should look perfect.

#5. Nighttime hair care

At nigh your hair also needs care. So, we recommend you to sleep at silk pillowcase, not cotton one! It’s recommended to keep your hair in a braid during the sleeping, but it’s not necessary after the Brazilian keratin treatment.

At the average, you keratin treatment can last for about 3 months with right hair care. Even after the effect will shrink, your hair will be softer and smoother after the procedure of Brazilian keratin treatment. So try it!

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