7 best natural hair colors

If you want to have healthy hair, you should use natural, ammonia free hair color. That’s exactly why our hair salon has prepared a list of the best hair colors, which you can use.

There are a lot of colors with chemicals on the market, but you can choose healthier and safer solution. We have prepared a list of organic hair colors.

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#1. Surya brasil henna cream dark brown

Price: approximately 8$.

Surya Brasil is a line of organic products, which includes shampoos. It contains only organic ingredients. This company was a leader on the henna hair color segment, now it is one of the best natural hair dyes.  

All the ingredients of the Surya Brasil are organic. You can find different exotic fruits and herbs extracts from Brazil, India and Amazonia in this production batch. This brand is the golden mean between nature and modern tech.

The benefit of this hair dye is  in covering all the greys. Also it has no heavy metals or peroxide, at the same time it is completely ammonia free and eco-friendly natural dye.

#2. Tints of nature 6N natural dark Blonde

Price: approximately 14$.

It is one of the best hair care qualities with 100% organic ingredients. They include organic comfrey extract, chamomile, aloe vera, orange and grapefruit. These ingredients have specific properties, for example, comfrey has a healing effect.

All products from Tints have no element of animal origin and also they were never tested on animals. The formula of this shampoo also contains vitamin E and vitamin C.

Suitable for sensitive people.

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#3. Hennalucent semi permanent hair color

Price: approximately 9$.

It’s a high quality safe, natural and organic hair color. The ingredients of this product, such as henna plants, different herbs and flowers were grown in India.

There are no harmful ingredients, such as chemicals, metals, peroxide, or ammonia.

Suitable for all hair types.

Be careful! This hair color is semi-permanent, it means that it will fade away after 2 months.

#4. Naturtint Permanent

Price: approximately 14-18$.

This hair color use vegetable ingredients and keeps your hair safe. It is 100% natural, all the ingredients were not tested on animals.

There is no ammonia, resorcinol or other harmful ingredients.

Be careful, after 5 weeks the color becomes faded out.

If you want to have healthy hair, you should choose natural hair colors. These and others you will find at our Hair salon.

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