10 hair care tips for single process colored hair

Single process hair coloring is the least harmful hair coloring method. That’s why these tips will be useful if you have single process colored hair, and also if your hair isn’t colored yet.

It’s a common fact that people spend a lot of money on hair care: from the hair salon procedures to the products for natural masks.  Even when people buy expensive hair care products, sometimes they forget to follow simple hair care basics, which can guarantee healthy and shiny locks. On top of that people can use expensive hair products (for example, for dyed hair), which make more damage, than profit.

After these words you can ask, what you should do to have healthy, glossy and strong locks. And we have answer.

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Tip #1. Use right hair products

If your hair is dyed, colored or just damaged, you should use special hair care products, which will repair it and add shine and resiliency.

Tip #2. Get a regular trim

Every 6-7 weeks you should visit your stylist to refresh hair. Even if you try to grow hair, it is essential to get regular trimming. After visiting the hair salon your hair will grow faster.

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Tip #3. Hair protection

Your hair just as your skin is prone to the UV-light, so we strongly recommend you to use special hair care products, which contain sunscreen.

Tip #4. Right shampooing

You should shampoo your hair only when it is dirty. Don’t be on the crowd’s bit and shampoo it every day. It causes more harm than benefit.

Tip #5. Consult with a professional for all of your hair care needs

Yes, kitchen methods are cheap and useful, but it can’t replace professional care. That’s why if you want to color your hair or to do something else, it will be better to come to the salon.

Tip #6. Choose the color, which will compliment your style

When you are going to color your hair, you should choose a color wisely. There are a lot of professional coloring techniques available, which can greatly enhance your style.

Tip #7. Right combing

Comb your hair with the help of the wide-toothed comb, when it’s wet, because wet hair is very prone to damage. Use brush only when hair is barely damp or dry.

Feel free to make experiments with your hair, but don’t forget about hair care basics and follow these simply tips, and your chevelure will be perfect.

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