What you should expect from Brazilian Bikini Wax

How much time have you wasted in the bathroom, when put wax stripes on your bikini zone, feel demonic pain, when striped them out, or when you have used blade or something else, which took a lot of your time? Count all that minutes and hours, and you understand, you could spent your time much more jolly.

This experience is unpleasant, but you should repeat it every 3 days, if you use razor, or every 2 weeks, if you use wax. There is a way out of this endless circle – Brazilian Bikini wax. So, let’s weight all pros and cons of this procedure.

Pros of Brazilian Bikini Wax

  • It’s make your Bikini zone look more aesthetic;
  • It lasts longer then other methods;
  • Your skin will be smooth and hair free for about several weeks;
  • You will get fresh feeling;
  • After the procedure you can forget about the stress caused by wax stripes in your bathroom.

Cons of Brazilian Bikini Wax

  • It is more expensive then other methods, and you choose is it well worth the effort (but remember, you can’t decide it, if you don’t try);
  • Regrowth of the hair in bikini zone can be itchy and uncomfortable, but it’s common for all hair removing procedures;
  • It can damage your skin, that’s why we strongly recommend you to think twice before the Brazilian Bikini wax if you have sensitive skin and ask your specialist about some recommendations. Also it’s important to find a good salon, when you are going to get waxing.
  • There is a risk of infection, but as it was already mentioned, this problem will be neutralized, if you choose a good salon and a good master.

From our point of view, you should try. At the least because 60% of American women in between the ages of 18 and 24 getting waxed down there in some way, and Brazilian Bikini waxing is one of the best methods.

After the first time you can feel yourself like a a raw chicken, but then fresh and clean feeling will win out.

So, don’t squander your time, muster up your courage and come to our salon. We sure, you won’t be upset by results. Our doors are always open for you.


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