7 best tips for self-colored hair

Despite the fact that all stylists recommend to dye hair at the salon, you decided to do it at home. What you should do now? Get some tips from our salon!

Tip #1. Moisturizing

The biggest challenge after coloring hair at home is to keep it moisturized. It is very important because dying at home sucks out a lot of moisture and your hair looks very dry.

To avoid this, you should prepare. Preparation procedure is very easy – apply natural essential oils on hair a few days or even week before dying. Oil will make your hair shiny even after dying.

The big advantage is that this method is very cheap, because you can just go to the kitchen, take extra virgin olive oil and use it. It’s also a great treatment against dandruff.

Tip #2. Choose hair dye wisely

Unfortunately, the most part of hair dyes on the market can damage your hair. So, you should make a research and find a brand that works less aggressively on hair. Avoid products that contain dimethicone. Also it’s recommended to use ammonia free hair colors, because they are less harmful.

Tip #3. Regular trimming

Split, frizzy ends can make your hair look not so perfect, as you want. So, trim your hair regularly, cut excess weight and feast eyes with your perfect hair. You will get perfect results, we promise!

Tip #4. Don’t damage during the detangling

It’s quite obvious, that after dying your hair can be fuzzy and dry. Fuzzy and dry locks are prone to tangle easily. Be very calm, when you detangle your hair and use proper products.

The pattern of detangling is very simple: you should locate problem area with the help of your fingers, then you shoukd apply the conditioning agent (it can be same old olive oil and work through the tangle). The key factor in this process is your calmness.

Tip #5. Change your brush

Devil is in details. May be you need only change your brush to get better hair look. For example, a brush with combination of 50% synthetic fibers and 50% boar bristles can be better, that that brush, you have already had.

Wide-toothed comb is also a very necessary thing.

Tip #6. Wash your hair with the cold water

There are a lot of studies, which prove that hot water can damage your hair. That’s why we recommend washing and rinsing hair with cool or warm water, it will help to retain moisture and add shine to your hair.

Tip #7. Use right products

If you have dyed hair, you should use products for dyed hair. Look for products that contain moisturizers. Consider on the texture, length, and color of your hair to determine which products will be more suitable for you.

The above notwithstanding, we recommend you to dye your hair at the salon. It’s always better to come to the master and be sure, you will get what you want.

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