Brazilian Keratin Treatment for black hair in NYC

At very first time Brazilian Keratin Treatment was used by a mortician in Brazil. They first noticed that embalming fluid with formaldehyde makes hair straight. With time a safe formula was created and got a name – Brazilian Keratin treatment.

There were some doubts about the safety of this treatment, after this nonformaldehyde version was created, but you can face with both this methods.

#1. Candidates for this treatment

Brazilian Keratin Treatment can be used for different races, ages and hair types. Even if you have curly, wavy, or kinky hair, you can try BKT and get shiny, sleek and straight hair. Even though you have dyed, highlighted or relaxed hair, you still can take advantage of Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Also, you are not recommended to do BKT on black hair if you plan to get braids or extensions, in this case they will not hold the hair and will easily slip out.

#2. Process of BKT

Before the Brazilian Keratin Treatment the hair is shampooed with clarifying or deep cleansing shampoo for opening  the cuticles of the hair. It helps your hair to take the keratin. After this hair is saturated with the Brazilian keratin treatment and blown dry. Then your master will make your locks straight with the help of the straight iron. As a result you will get silky and straight tresses.

#3. Results of Brazilian Keratin Treatment

After the procedure your kinky, wavy or curly hair will be more loose. You will also get desired look, because, as it was already mentioned, you will get straight and silky locks.

Collaboration of BKT and heat let the ingredients penetrate into the hair and make your hair cuticles smooth.

After this treatment frizz is eliminated.

The results can last from 2 to 4 months, depending on the type of treatment and post-treatment care.

#4. Post-treatment care

In the most cases you can’t wash your hair for minimum 3 days after the treatment, but there are some new formulas, which allow you to wet your hair at the same day of the treatment process.

You should wash your hair only with special shampoo. Shampoos, which contain  sulfates and sodium chloride can’t be used, because they strip out keratin from the hair.

#5. Recommendations

Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a very intensive process, so it should be made by a specialist. Make it at our salon and you will be sure you get what you want!

Make a step to the straight and silky locks – come and make Brazilian Keratin Treatment!

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