9 Best Brazilian Keratin Treatment brands

There are a lot of Brazilian Keratin Treatment brands on the market now. We prepared for you a list of 9 best. Check, which one is used at your salon.

#1. 4Hair

4Hair Keratin treatment Products are one of the best in their field. They can be used in 1 day and last for 3 months.

#2. Bella

It’s not reminiscence to the Twilight saga, it is a professional line by Incobella group, which is consistent with hair professionals and consumers expectations. This brand is made with special advanced technology, which can satisfy needs of each and every hair type.

#3. Brazilian blowout

With the help of the Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and a proprietary polymer system Brazilian blowout brand can improve the condition of your hair, because as every BKT it creates a special protective protein layer to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. Results of this brand last up to 12 weeks.

#4. Bio ionic

This brand offers the he fastest defrizz and smoothing service. With Bio Ionic your hair will become sleek, smooth and shiny less then in 1 hour!

This treatment is made without Neutralizer, also it is Formaldehyde-free. So, it can defrizze, devolumize, smooth and straighten any hair type in a short space of time!

#5. Coppola Keratin complex

Peter Coppola is a person, who invented a Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy. During this product he created this product. This therapy eliminates up to 95% of frizz and adds amazing shine, silkiness to the hair.

#6. De Fabulous

This brand offers a top quality look with results lasting for 3-4 months. Keratin penetrates into the hair and gives the hair a naturally straight look. After the De Fabulous  your hair will be silky, shiny and healthy. It’s recommended for damaged, chemically treated and dry hair.

#7. Goleshee Keratin

Goleshee Keratin is one of the best professional and revolutionary range of treatments for damaged hair. This product uses monomolecular technology for restoring your hair. After this BRT your hair will be health, vitality, strength and shine.

#8. La Brasiliana

This is one of the revolutionary treatments. This safe treatment softens, smooths and relaxes your hair and is appropriative for all hair types.

#9. Natura Keratin

This is certified organic Keratin Treatment. It is unique, because it is made with a blend of botanical infusions, fruit extracts, keratin protein and silica. It provides incredible performance and results.


There are a lot of good keratin treatments, but choose best. At our salon you will find them!

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