Vitamins, which make your hair healthier

Even kid knows vitamins are an essential part of our lives. Every stylist knows vitamins are beneficial for your hair. Well, but who knows, which vitamins you should take to have a perfect chevelure? Stylists at the best Natural Hair Salon in the New York City know! Check their suggestions In this blog!

#1. Vitamins for hair growth

If you want your hair grow faster, you need vitamin C, vitamins of B-group (such as Biotin (Vitamin B7), and Niacin (Vitamin B3). Also, these vitamins are useful for maintaining shiny and healthy hair. If you take vitamins, you shouldn’t also forget about your nutrition, which also should be rich and balanced.

#2. Vitamins for preventing hair thinning and loss
If you have noticed some a lot of hairs in your bathroom or on your brush, there are the alarm signs. In this case, we can recommend you a marine complex, which includes fish proteins, with Vitamin C, Zinc, and Flax Seed. This vitamin complex helps in hair nourishing, preventing hair loss and hair thinning, and promoting hair growth.

So, if you are susceptible to hair thinning and hair loss, we recommend you to take these supplements.

#3. Vitamins for preventing breakage

There is a variety of reasons, which can lead to hair breakage. There can be hormonal changes, aging, daily stresses, over styling with hot tools and heavy styling products, and so on. These reasons can lead to unpleasant breakage.

There is a special vitamin complex, which can help in maintaining healthy hair and scalp with the help of the essential nourishment. So, if your hair is prone to breakage, you should take next vitamins: vitamins of B-group, and also vitamin A, vitamin E, C, and F.

Remember, even the air we breathe can harm your hair. Severe weather conditions, wind, UV-rays, and many others factors can lead to the variety of hair problems. All of these problems can be solved in early stages with the help of the vitamins, which you can get just from your fridge or the nearest supermarket. Keep in mind, rich nutrition, nuts, chicken, fish, fruits, and vegetables are your best helpers.


We hope these recommendations by the stylists at best Natural Hair Salon in the NYC will help you to face with different hair problems and win this fight in a breeze.


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