How you can use coffee grounds for your hair and body in interesting ways

Coffee is an essential part of living for many people. But do you know there are other uses for coffee beside just drinking it? Check out!


Coffee grounds are perfect for any homemade scrub. They will help to remove dead skin cells and encourage new skin cells to come to the surface.

Reduce cellulite

It’s hard to believe, but coffee grounds can even reduce cellulite. The recipe is very simple. You should only mix fresh coffee grounds, dried sage leaves, and melted coconut oil together. Then, you should rub it into the areas, such as legs, belly, and other parts of your body, which are problematic from your point of view. Coffee grounds and sage make blood circulation better and break down cellulite.

Darken hair

A natural coffee rinse can darken your hair better than most of the chemical hair dyes. The recipe is very simple; you just need to brew very strong coffee, rinse your hair with it, massage the alloy into the scalp and leave if for about 20-30 minutes. Then rinse well. Repeat this procedure weekly for better results.

Eliminate odors from hands

Coffee grounds have a pleasant smell. They can help you to remove bad odor from your hands, for example, after chopping onions or garlic. You just need to add coffee grounds to a small bowl and mix in a small amount of liquid castile soap. When you feel your hands smell bad, scoop out a small amount of the mixture and rub it into your hands. Then, just wash your hands.  

Make a homemade soap

If you make cold process soap or melt and pour soap, you can add a small amount of coffee grounds in it. In this case, your soap will smell and work better.

Make a dry shampoo

Coffee grounds can help you when you need to make a quick dry shampoo. You just need to mix fresh grounds into some arrowroot powder. It’s better to use a foundation brush for brushing the mixture into your scalp at the hairline. Leave for several minutes and brush out. After this dry shampoo, your hair will look fresher and smell better.

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