5 natural hair dyes, which you can make at home

When you want to change your hairstyle, or when you have already had gray hairs. There are two ways to color your hair: the first one is to use commercial dye, which you can buy at the shop, and the second one when you can use all-natural hair dye. If you come to our Hair Salon, it means you chose the second one. So, we are ready to tell you about the most popular ways of natural hair dyeing.

Everybody knows about henna, but there are many herbs and natural substances that can also be used.

#1. Natural herbal hair dyes
The most part herbal material can be made into a strong tea and rinsed through the hair. It’s well-known, but there are a few more steps that can make the dye last longer.
Some suggestions by the best Natural Hair Salon in the NYC:
– chop or mash herbs (which herbs you can choose for your hair color you can find in the next paragraph), you can use fresh herbs or dried, it doesn’t matter at all;
–  mix herbs with some hot water and make a paste;
– for that herb, which requires making tea, use a big amount of herbs – for about ½ of a cup of herbs to 2 cups of hot water;
– cool off the required alloy and strain our into the bottle;
– if you use a tea – spritz it onto the scalp and cover head with a shower cap after the procedure if you use a paste –  apply it on roots and also cover with the shower cap;
– for both these types – leave hair for 2-3 hours and then rinse out well;
– if it possible – air dry your hair;
– for keeping the color reply this procedure for 3-4 times per month or more.

#2. What herbs to use
If you have blonde hair:
Chamomile or calendula will make your blond locks darker; rhubarb root will add golden honey tones.
If you have brown hair:
A strong black tea or coffee solutions are perfect options for brown hair. Another option is to make a tea from nettle, rosemary, and sage. Don’t forget to repeat this procedure weekly.
If you have red hair:
Nothing is better than tomato juice for red hair. Massage it into the hair, cover with the shower cap and leave at least at 30 minutes.
You can also try hibiscus flowers and calendula tea.
If you have black hair:
Black hair is the hardest to dye. You can try black walnut powder, which will give you very dark, almost black hair.
We hope, our advice will help you to dye your hair naturally.

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