Summer Hair Care Tips

Enjoy warm summer days? What about your hair? Due to the change of the seasons, your hair care regimen should get some notifications too. Specialists at hair salon Midtown Manhattan are ready to share with your few basic tips of hair care for summer.

Tip #1 Protect

The main enemies of your hair in summer are UV rays, wind and heat. You need to protect your hair from the harmful impact of these causes, so you should cover your hair with the scarf or hat. If it is not your variant, you can at least protect your hair with the help of products with the UV protection.

Tip #2 Style

Summer is time for going natural, so opt for simple messy styles. There is no need to create tight perfect hairstyles as they tend to pull and tear hair especially if it is dry due to the summer heat.

Tip #3 Wash

Washing regimen is especially important in the hot season. Specialists at hair salon Midtown Manhattan advise following three easy steps. First, avoid frequent shampooing as it strips out natural oils. Second, rinse the hair after a day at the beach or pool. Third, use dry shampoo on days between shampooing.

Tip #4 Drying

In the summer, it is better to opt for air drying. Gently wring your hair to get rid of excess water and pat with a towel. If you can’t let your hair air dry, use a blow dryer with a diffuser.

Take care of your hair properly and it will thank you!

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