By admin
August 30, 2018

Almost Rapunzel: How to Grow Hair at Home

We all envy Rapunzel and her long locks, but is it possible to at least try to reach her ideal?


There is an opinion that girls spend their whole lives doing two things: they want “something new” and grow their hair. Today we will talk about the second: how to grow long hair faster and what tools will help in this sensitive process?


The reasons why hair growth can slow down

To focus on the length of the hair – it is necessary to correctly determine the reason why its growth may slow down. First of all, it will be difficult to grow hair for those who:

has the hair that splits and breaks off the ends

has dry and lifeless hair

lacks the necessary vitamins and microelements in the body

has hair that lacks protein – the main building element for our hair


How to accelerate hair growth at home?

Start taking vitamins. If you want to grow long and beautiful hair, the first thing you should do is pay attention to the balance of vitamins and microelements in your body. There are whole complexes of vitamins for hair growth and strengthening of nails. Pay attention to such elements as calcium, iron, magnesium, as well as B vitamins.


Correct the power supply. Add to your diet foods rich in biotin – porridge, rice, walnuts. It is also recommended to eat more fruits, sour-milk products, and fresh vegetables.


Protect it. To prevent hair from deteriorating due to the influence of high temperatures, protect it with a heat-protective spray. Also, protect your hair from direct sunlight, and in winter carefully hide under the hat.


Proper care. Proper care of hair and scalp plays a very important role. Keep your skin hydrated and your hair dry. And do not necessarily visit for that some expensive beauty salons – just enough to buy quality cosmetics from a professional store. Do not forget about regular hair masks. They have a very positive effect on the condition of the hair bulb and stimulate the growth of new hairs.


Massage. And for this, you do not have to turn to professionals for help. Buy a massage brush and brush your hair every day for 7-10 minutes.