By admin
August 30, 2018

Do not be like that: trends in coloring and hairstyle to avoid

Forget them, forget them! – that’s what you say when you look at all these hair-trends from last year. Something the stylists did not come up with in 2017. Fortunately, many of their creations were on the list of anti-trends for 2018, which we will now tell you.


Some trends in hairstyles and coloring remain relevant for decades and eventually become classics. For example, the platinum blonde Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot’s hairstyle or the pixie haircut of Audrey Hepburn. Other tendencies light up like stars but fade as lightning fast as comets. Many girls decide to embody the actual styling or coloring on their hair but this is just for one season. Then the experience is remembered with a nostalgic warmth and you promise to repeat the experiment again. Let’s talk about such hairstyles, which became anti-trends of 2018.


Mermaid colors

Blue, green, dark blue, mint, purple hair is no longer in fashion. Despite the fact that ultraviolet is one of the most fashionable shades of 2018, in coloring it refers to anti-trends. Of the unusual colors only blond-orange (copper blond), a purple, dusty rose and other shades of pink are left. Such warm tones make you look young, so those mentioned previously are unlikely to be with us in the near future.


Impossible braids

Yes, large and large braids with a million kinds of weaving in one hairstyle – this is aerobatics of hairdressing art. But for everyday use, this hairstyle looks a little ridiculous. First, you will spend a lot of time laying on the stack. Secondly, such braids are no longer in fashion, now the tendency is directed toward a more natural styling. This does not mean that all hairstyles with braids should be forgotten. Only those that resemble the hairstyles of Disney princesses or heroines of films about barbarians and ancient Greek gods. The braids in the style of the Deyeneris, if they do not look too sophisticated, are still in vogue.


Radical ombre

Most people forgot about the ombre in 2015, but somehow it can often be seen now. We are grateful that the ombre has given in to the balayage, baby lights, and other coloring techniques, which look more natural and practically do not harm the hair. But that’s all, it’s worth saying goodbye forever.


Snow Blonde

Platinum blond, like Emilia Clarke, Carly Kloss, and Marilyn Monroe – is a classic. But the snow blond, in which there is no share of warmth – is another matter. Such shades look unnatural even on girls from Scandinavian countries, who by nature have a rather cold light shade of hair, pale skin and blue eyes. What can we say about all the others? We leave this anti-trend in the past.