By admin
August 30, 2018

Ribbon in the hair: options for a gentle hairstyle

There are several ways to create a gentle hairdo and here you will find a few of them you could use!


Hairstyles with ribbon in the hair are adding to a girl’s image of special tenderness and femininity. We show and tell, what variants and ideas of such hairstyles exist.


Whether you have a short or long hair, a square or cascade – a ribbon always will look very nice. In addition, this is a great way to supplement your image for a date. A ribbon in the tone of a dress will balance the image and give it femininity.


You can tie a ribbon in different ways. Wrap it out the curly locks, tie it around a bun, tie up a tall tail and decorate it with a ribbon, or add it to your braid – the choice is yours!


You can also tie your hair carelessly with a ribbon. Small negligence in everything was in fashion last season, which means that such a quick hairstyle will be useful to you in case you are late somewhere.


Also, take into account that the ribbons come from different materials – silk or velvet. Especially stylish and gentle a ribbon will look if it’s a silk wide ribbon on long blond hair.


Low tail with a silk handkerchief

This hairstyle will suit both the business image and a light and romantic one in the style of the 70’s. Just collect the low tail on the back of the head, leaving strands around the face released. Put the handkerchief under the tail and wrap it around the hair. If you want you can go a bit down the tail to make hair a bit more controlled. Then make a bow from it.

Such beautiful and simple hairstyles will look great anywhere. And they can easily be worn on a date, on a walk with friends, while shopping and even in the office.