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August 30, 2018

The most attractive female hair type was named

Women sometimes wonder what colour and length of hair is the most attractive and scientists have found the answer.


The answer to the question all women wonder at some point in their lives is finally here! American scientists said that the most attractive for men are women with blond hair of medium length.

According to scientists from the University of Augsburg, the last experiment showed that most men prefer blondes.


What is characteristic, for the creation of marriage, respondents would rather choose a woman with dark hair. Separately, it was noted that the most preferable is the presence of a medium-length hair.


Scientists note that ancient people considered hair color as a criterion for choosing a potential partner since hair darkens with age. Scientists also suggest that media and film culture could influence preferences.


It was introduced earlier that the nearest to the “mathematical model of beauty”, according to the School of Medicine Lewis Katz Temple University (Philadelphia) scientists, is a girl with a face shaped as a heart.


As Daily Mail says, the study of the model of “mathematical beauty” means not only the ideal features of the face but also the size with the ratio of the details combined to make it a balanced, attractive and natural.


The face shaped as a heart is the embodiment of the ideal of youth, therefore this form is oriented in plastic surgery.


At any rate, it doesn’t mean that you should run to the hairdresser and surgeon to change your appearance. Although this could give you something to experiment on. After all, you should remember that looks matter only in the beginning and later on it’s your personality that makes men fall in love.