By admin
August 30, 2018

Venetian highlighting is in trend again

Summer brings us some good old coloring techniques that look very natural and Venetian highlighting is one of them!


Venetian highlighting is the effect of burnt hair on dark curls. It creates a deeper contrast making the appearance more appealing and attractive. Furthermore, your hair will look incredibly natural with it!


This coloring technique is another kind of always popular decoration of the hair. This technique differs only in that it is possible to lighten strands only on dark hair.


So, the hairdresser, “creates” light strokes on your dark strands with the help of a brush, creating a sunlight kiss. Before, girls sat for hours under the scorching sun to achieve this effect. Now everything is easier – in the beauty salon you will get help to achieve the desired effect. And all this in about an hour. All you need is to show the pictures to your hairdresser and choose a good day for haircutting and coloring.


The advantages of Venetian highlighting
According to this technology, you create a moderate amount of strands which smoothly flow into the dark color of the hair. Venetian highlights allow brunettes to achieve bright highlights of various shades in the hair: from richly amber to light golden, which also looks natural as if the sun itself had worked on it.


And you don’t need to worry about the quality of your hair because the hair color will actually have caring elements and will be much more merciful to your hair than the sun!